Blaca hermitage, island Brač


Blaca hermitage, island Brač

07.05.2015Tonci Buljan

Perhaps it is best to start by explaining the name 'desert'. It is easy to notice that this is not a sandy desert, like the Sahara and Kalahari. This is a case of isolated areas where the monks have created communities that were at peace could devote ourselves to prayer and spiritual life. 

Blaca (Desert Blaca), desert dwelling (hermitage), about 2 km north of the eponymous bay on the south coast of the island.
Once a famous Glagolitic desert, and later the observatory, located on the eastern slope of the valley on the south side of the island, between Bol and Milna.

For a long time this desert was one of the most powerful economic entities on the island. 
From 1862. up to 1962. Blaca ran the priests Milicevic. Death of the last of them, Don Nikola Milicevic, this desert Croatian Glagolitic out. 
Decision of the International Astronomical Union from 2005 the two asteroids were discovered in the Observatory FL, given names (10241) and Milicevic (10645) Brac in memory and honor of this extraordinary place.

Blace your furniture will attract your attention. Along with old furniture kitchen, dining and stylish furniture in the rooms. In this wilderness with no roads you should not be surprised with a nice piano.
We turn, however, the attention of the astronomical equipment in the world famous observatory, a rich collection of antique weapons, a multitude of various antique clocks, the extremely rich library with many manuscripts written in Croatian Cyrillic - poljičicom

This small desert has a great heritage value. It started as a rock surrounded by caves and hermits were eventually upgraded bungalow different purposes (kitchens, basements, furnace, etc.). In an era of prosperity were built luxurious multi-storey buildings. 1588th Mr. constructed and Renaissance church, extended into the next century. The church has three Baroque fell, and in the wilderness paintings from the Venetian school 17. century.

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Tonci Buljan lives in Bol, Croatia.


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