Zlatni rat beach, Bol Croatia


Zlatni rat beach, Bol Croatia

07.05.2015Tonci Buljan

Zlatni rat is one of the most popular beaches in Croatia and considered as one of the best beaches in the world. It is completely natural, created by sea currents in 
Hvar channel. It streches 450 m into the channel and rotates its edge depending on current weather conditions (sea currents).
Since 2012 beach Zlatni rat holds a Blue flag award for excellence in sea quality.

Zlatni rat is a symbol not only Bol and Brac tourism but also Croatian. Among others, photo of this beautiful beaches spins at the CNN in the advertising by the 
Croatian Tourist Board. The Mediterranean as it once was - indeed Zlatni rat it is.

Zlatni rat is a pebble beach 1.2 km away from the Bol center and is located to the west, towards the village Murvica. 

You can reach Zlatni rat by:
1) Car - At the beach, there are several parking lots where you can leave your four-wheeled friend. The price of daily rent ranges around 50 kuna (about 7 euro).

2) Ship - Lots of small fishing boats go from the center of Bol to the beach. The trip takes 10 minutes and is the ideal way to see Bol from the sea. The fare is 15 kunas (about 2 euro)
tourist boat on the beach Zlatni rat

3) Train - Small road train takes guests from the Bol center towards the beach. Children love this kind of ride that costs 15 kuna per person (Eur 2) and lasts 5 minutes.
Train on beach Zlatni rat

4) Walk - Zlatni rat can be reached by foot - an easy walk from the center of Bol. It will take you about 15 minutes to get there. This is one of the best ways to see Bol hotels, surf centers and other tourist attractions on the west side of the town.

Uncharacteristic beach extends as a peninsula to the island of Hvar and enters into the sea for 450 meters.
Top of the beach rotates depending on the season and weather conditions. In summer it is so due west wind (Maestral) facing east, while in the winter it is directed to the west because of wind from the east-south/east (Jugo). Sometimes, in the process of change a small pool is created at the top. In the summer Zlatni rat hosts a few thousand visitors. Part of it is from Bol, and part from the the tourist boats coming from Makarska, Hvar, Jelsa or Vrboske. On the beach there are countless tourist attractions that you can visit. 

There is a small water park at the eastern end of the beach. Beside it is a trampoline for jumping followed by a couple of restaurants from which emphasizes Cocktail Bar Auro - a prestigious newly opened cocktail bar hidden in the shade of pine trees.

At the top of the pine forrest there is a restaurant Zlatni rat as well as two other restaurants near the beach. Restaurant (Mali raj) Little paradise on the west side and restauran Marjan on the east side of the beach.

Make sure to check other Bol beaches like Martinica and Ribarska kucica.

About the author: Tonci Buljan


Tonci Buljan lives in Bol, Croatia.


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